Christian Trainer Affiliate Book Links

Below are some books on some very important health topics. I may or may not own these particular books myself. If you decide not to purchase these books, I believe it would be wise to at least consider researching the topics covered in these books.  The book images below are affiliate links, meaning I'll receive a small payment from each purchase made through the links.  You may want to consider creating a do it yourself website like this one, and use it to express yourself, do business, etc...  This website is very inexpensive and easy enough to operate, that a person like me, that still needs his son to help me operate a smart phone, can operate.  The website provider also has customer service to answer any questions as well. FYI - The link above to purchase a website is an affiliate link also.  Follow me on Twitter @ChristianTrainr. During this pandemic I prefer to suggest that customers search for audio versions of these books so as to minimize dependence on contacting others.

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