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           Math Facts Sports Learning Resources and Activities

To quickly try out Math Facts Sports materials, teachers and parents may choose to visit my Teachers Pay Teachers Store to download one or more of the playing surfaces, then copy, distribute, and then maybe introduce the students to Math Facts Sports as seen in this video

To go a step further, also go to my TPT Store and get the free download for the labels and balls to make game pieces. You simply glue stick the labels to some cardboard and cut them out with scissors as seen in this video. The video also shows how to make Math Cubes, but I believe making the flat pieces are easier, and it gives the activities a nice checker game look as the pieces are moved about. FYI - Below are the Math Facts Football peel and stick labels that are to be wrapped around 8mm dice to make the Math Football Cubes. They also may be attached to cardboard and cut out to make little game pieces as seen in the picture at the bottom of this page.

When students are ready to begin using a number line, they are ready to participate in forms of this game.  Children that are still at an age where they put miscellaneous objects into their mouth, should only use the playing surfaces, and not the other components, because the cubes and dice can be choking hazards.


Math Facts Sports lesson ideas are below. This video will allow you to see my other lesson video titles alongside. Subscribe to my "Math Facts Sports Learning Products" YouTube Channel to get easy access to those videos, as well as the newest ones. Subscribing is free. Just click "subscribe".

The prices for the Playing Surfaces below represent the cost for packs of 30. The prices for all items include the cost for shipping as well. I prefer being paid using PayPal. Admittedly, I'm tech challenged, and need to learn to accept various other payment methods.


Beginning Addition Activity 


Basic Activities with the; Number Line, 200 chart, and Multiplication Table Fields 


Starter activity with the playing surface 


Introducing Math football cubes - You may make Math Football cubes with a digital download 


One on One Activities


Two on Two Activities


Four on Four Activities


Solving equations to place Math football Cubes in position to run a play


A passing play and a running play with four Math Football Cubes


First and Second Down When Running Plays with four Math Football Cubes


Running Plays During Soccer and Basketball with four Math Football Cubes








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