Math Facts Sports Learning Resources and Activities

Examine my Math Facts Sports Learning Products. To give easy access to those who are hurting financially, and to allow students and parents to easily print materials at home all digital items can be downloaded for free in my Math Facts Sports Store.  


Math Facts Sports lesson ideas are below. Starting this video will allow you to see my other lesson video titles alongside. Subscribe to my "Math Facts Sports Learning Products" YouTube Channel to get easy access to those videos, as well as the newest ones. Subscribing is free. Just click "subscribe". 


Besides the downloads being free, I also give permission for school systems, schools, teachers, parents, various organizations, or anyone to download and post or otherwise distribute my downloaded materials. During this pandemic it makes more sense to post the materials to allow families to print their own materials, however; schools, of course, may make copies and distribute to students that don't have access to a printer. I suggest either printing on a thick stock, or laminating the surfaces for durability. Laminating also allows the receiving family to wipe them off with a disinfecting wipe upon receipt of them if that is their desire. I'd appreciate anyone posting or distributing my materials to also refer people to my "Math Facts Sports Learning Products" YouTube Channel for my lesson ideas. 


When the number of subscribers to my YouTube Channel gets to a satisfactory number, I will begin regularly using the items from my store that I usually sell as prizes that I will send to winners of whatever type of raffle or selection method I choose. I will soon stock my inventory with coated playing surfaces to sell and to award as prizes. For relatively large orders, I may be contacted at to place an order with me for 50 or more surfaces of the same type. Available are double sided playing surfaces for football, basketball, and soccer, with a 200 chart on one side and a multiplication table on the other, and single sided 1-20 number line surfaces for each sport.


I am also willing to fill small orders of the patches of labels, and Game Component Packs. (See Store) Educators that would like to share their materials online as I am, may choose to post an easy, do it yourself, website and/or Selz Store like I have. You can even make money by referring others with links like the ones in the previous sentence.


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Lesson Activity Videos - On YouTube search "Math Facts Sports Learning Products" for additional videos.


Beginning Addition Activity (Each student with own materials and maintain physical distancing)


Basic Activities with the; Number Line, 200 chart, and Multiplication Table Fields (Each student with their own materials and maintain physical distancing)


Starter activity with the playing surface (Each student with their own materials and maintain physical distancing)


Introducing Arithmecubes - You may make Arithmecubes with a digital download (Each student with their own materials and maintain physical distancing)


Beginning to integrate Arithmecubes (Each student with their own materials and maintain physical distancing)


The Activities Below May Be Done With Each Student Having Their Own Materials and Playing by Him/Herself Operating Both the Offense and the Defense


One on One Activities


Two on Two Activities


Four on Four Activities


Solving equations to place Arithmecubes in position to run a play


A passing play and a running play with four Arithmecubes


First and Second Down When Running Plays with four Arithmecubes


Running Plays During Soccer and Basketball with four Arithmecubes




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