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It is generally accepted, that certain supplements can play a critical role in our health.  Unfortunately, however; many settle for the guidance of those that; are trying to make a sale, and who have little or no expertise in this area.  There are some supplements out there that can be very beneficial, but I suggest that you put in a little research before starting a regimen.

I am a heart attack survivor.  At a certain point, my doctor told me about the possible benefits of taking Omega 3 fish oil, and CoQ10; and he steered me toward a product that is sold at a particular website.  I saw the same product advertised at another doctor's office, and I assume there is some kind of financial incentive for doctors to refer patients to that particular product.  I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that, but I believed it was in my best interest to do some research to help me make some good decisions.

I first used, to look at what their studies have concluded as to the need for the supplements my doctor spoke of, in treating my conditions; and then I consulted, to see the research on specific brands of those supplements.  Neither site is free to use, but both have very affordable memberships. is very similar to "Natural Database".  I was able to gain temporary access, and I highly recommend it; but because I felt I had enough information already, I decided not to put out the additional money to purchase their membership.

As part of my research, I spoke to a representative from the company my doctor referred me to.  The website features some very important info, and the representatives help educate you as well.  When I asked a representative to refer me to any independent studies that evaluated the effectiveness of their product, she told me that she wasn't aware of any such studies! 
During my research, I also didn't find any useful info on their product, but I did find a very highly regarded manufacturer of supplements that has been around for a long time, Tishcon. If you are going to take supplements you may want to consider their products. 

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