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  Financial Freedom

The way that we approach finances effects most every other part of our lives. We all want to be financially free and able to live our lives without the boundaries set by a lack of money, but money is a topic that many of us are not extremely well educated on. The knowledge many of us have is reflective of our parent's beliefs, and many of our parents are/were not very educated about money either. So, the question becomes how to go about achieving the financial freedom? 


I feel blessed to have come across some works from the legendary Napoleon Hill, as well as more contemporary works from Robert T. Kiyosaki, to improve my financial outlook. Both gentlemen derived their expertise from the richest men in history. I by no means consider myself to be an expert on the topic of money, but my eyes have been opened, steered away from some old and unproductive ideas, and placed on a more successful path. One important piece of advice I learned from Mr. Kyosaki is keeping your full-time job, and doing a business part time that can eventually grow, and if you can, avoid the trap of spending valuable free time doing dead-end part-time jobs.


Unfortunately, many have created a lifestyle that requires immediate revenue to make it from month to month, and often this means working part time jobs and/or a lot of over time. I have definitely gone that route, and what you realize is that more times than not, you are just surviving from month to month, and not growing financially. Getting to the place in your life where you can devote time and attention to a part time business can be a challenge, and I do not recommend adding another activity to an already jam-packed schedule. This, of course, can result in an unhealthy lifestyle, having you falling asleep at the wheel of your car because of lack of sleep, etc...


Some books that may be of help to you are below. 






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