The mission of "Whiz Kids Sports" is to use the popularity of sports to help promote the thinking skills of our youth.  Parents can help build a foundation for thinking skills by communicating with their child even before birth, and, of course, communication after birth is invaluable.  I'm merely trying to provide some activities that may help in some small way.


Many of us sports fans love the thought of our kids developing as athletes, but we've got to truly understand how academic development goes hand in hand with that.  A great example is our son, who's academic success earned him a scholarship to a private high school, and allowed him to do his thing on the football field in the fourth strongest conference in the nation, the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference.  As for college, though he got the most money his Division 2 school gives for football, it was the academic scholarship money he earned, which allowed us to be able to afford the cost for him to attend the school. 


My game, Finger Skills Chess Football, is a strategy game where game pieces of different abilities are used to play a football game.  It requires analytical and strategic thinking, is a lot of fun, and I would estimate that anyone 10 years old thru adult ages can enjoy it.  Follow me on Twitter @fschessfootball for additional demonstrations and explanations of the game.  Each game contains the components shown in the video


I also created Whiz Kids Football for any age students.  This video shows how your school and/or youth organization can use Whiz Kids Football Games along with stickers for a fundraiser.


Visit Create My Own Website for information on how to create an inexpensive, do it yourself website like this one.  It is dummy proof enough where someone like me, that still has to ask his son how to operate a smart phone, can use.   Look at the different pages on this website, and see how I use them to express my points of view as well as do business.  One way of making money with a website is simply to refer customers to products and services through affiliate programs, meaning a customer clicks on a link you provide, and when they make a purchase, you get a payment.  FYI - The link in the first sentence of this paragraph is an affiliate link.  Contact me with any questions.


Thanks and may God bless you.





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