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I began teaching in the public school system in 1980. My first 22 years were at a middle school and the ensuing 21 years have been at an elementary school. I'm presently teaching and coaching at a public charter school in Lexington, South Carolina. I've coached throughout at the youth and high school levels, so I've had extensive experience with all the youth age groups. A very proud moment was the year I was selected as our school's Exemplary Employee, because that year our son, John IV, was selected as our school's Exemplary Student.


Being intimately involved in our son's student-athlete journey and experiencing first-hand the options afforded student athletes and their families when there is a high level of academic success, has made a lasting impression on me. Our son's academic prowess led to a large academic scholarship to a private high school that played football in the WCAC, one of the strongest conferences in the nation. After the Friday Night Lights days were over, the combination of academic and athletic scholarships allowed us to be able to afford a college that was a great fit for our son. He received a great education and had a successful collegiate career on the football field and in the classroom.  My Academics and the Young Student Athlete blog describes the guidance I try to give student-athletes and their families. 

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