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Effectively Address Academic and Athletic Fundamentals

Student - Athlete

I am a South Carolina School Teacher and Running Speed Coach, whose passion is helping students and student-athletes to succeed. Using your computer's mouse to point under "Student" in the "Student - Athlete" title above, and maybe moving the pointer down a bit over the first two sentences, should show you a drop-down menu for the pages of this website. 

To the left are images that represent my efforts to provide a powerful incentive for young students to want to use part of their gaming time to practice and improve math skills. I call the concept "Math Facts Sports". The first two images are from my "Math Facts Football" mobile game. The game includes addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division math facts at various levels, as well as word problems for those operations.


Check out the Trailer and Website dedicated to the game. The game is free to download from the Google and Apple App Store. Icons are below.







An exciting development is that the game was recently added to Amazon's App Store. Although a mobile game, being in Amazon's App Store allows the game to be downloaded and played on Amazon's Fire TV using the television's remote and/or a game controller. Being in Amazon's Store also allows the game to be played on personal computers using Windows 11!


The pictures below the mobile game images to the left, and in this video, are my Math Facts Football playing surfaces that can be used for a variety of activities in the classroom and at home. Once again, the objective is to provide an incentive for students to want to practice math skills in this way in their free time, ie; indoor recess time and any other free time allowed. My retail price for packs of 30 playing surfaces is $29.95 for each pack. My preference, however; is to reach out to the Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) across the country and offer free packs of playing surfaces in exchange for my mobile game's trailer and website being posted on social media. I may be contacted at to arrange this.


If the Math Facts Football materials are well received by the students, I am willing to share my files to allow the school system's print shop to copy and distribute as they wish. I have numerous terms connected to my concept protected by trademark, but I'll grant permissions as needed. Once again, I do want my mobile game promoted throughout this.


There are various accessories that I can supply or steer people toward, ie; the labels shown in the first 20 seconds of this video, as well as the red, black and green custom dice shown in my videos. Below the playing surface images to the left are links to the 8-millimeter dice the labels are to be wrapped around to make math football cubes as well as foam balls that can be pushed along the playing surfaces. These balls are actually stickers, but to use them as balls you just don't peel the backing off to expose the sticky side and they slide really well. 


This video shows a fun activity that students may do at home using their phone and a 0-20 Number Line playing surface. This video shows a similar activity using flash cards and the other playing surfaces.  

Math Facts Sports playing surfaces representing Football, Soccer and Basketball are available in my Teacher Pay Teachers Store as digital downloads. 


To see if Math Facts Sports may be a good fit for the students, along with receiving the free playing surfaces, teachers may simply download one or more of the playing surfaces from my TPT store; copy, distribute, and have the students do an introductory activity like the one shown in this video

To go a step further, go to my TPT Store and get the free download for the labels and balls to make game pieces. You simply glue stick the labels to some cardboard and cut them out with scissors as seen in this video. The video also shows how to make Math Cubes, but I believe making the flat pieces are easier, and it gives the activities a nice checker game look as the pieces are moved about.


If the interest is there, then the next step can be to provide the students with the type materials shown in this video. As I said, I can provide the labels for the cubes shown in the video but for the other items, I suggest contacting the companies I mentioned in the video.

Aside from practicing math skills, activities with the Math Football Game Pieces/Cubes can also require students to think strategically, as they decide how to move the cubes about the playing surface. For the activities shown in the following videos, a blog of mine explains how regular dice can easily be used to replace the custom dice shown: 

One Game Piece vs One Game Piece

Two vs Two Game Pieces

Three/Four vs Three/Four Game Pieces

Begin with a Kick-off

These are just some of the activities with game pieces/cubes. FYI - The professionally created cube labels for basketball and soccer are coming also.

Those that would like to consider an inexpensive "do it yourself" website like this one to share your talents and communicate your views and/or do business as I'm doing, should visit this Website Information Page. You can even use your website to make money by referring customers to various products and services using links as I do at various places in this website, ie; the "Website Information Page" link in the previous sentence.


Promoting my business interests is great, but far more important is promoting my beliefs, ie, the Salvation Debate and Health and Wellness links positioned upper left above.


Except for the Salvation Debate blog, when visiting my blog section for the first time it will require a 30 second or so registration requiring an email address, and you choose a password. This is not for me to contact you or to pass on your email address to others, but it is to discourage spammers.

                                   Causes and Companies to Consider Supporting

St. Judes

Shriners Hospital for Children















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