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Effectively Address Academic and Athletic Fundamentals

Student - Athlete

I am a Southern Maryland School Teacher and Running Speed Coach, whose passion is helping students and student-athletes to succeed. Using your computer's mouse to point under "Student" in the "Student - Athlete" title above, and maybe moving the pointer down a bit over the first two sentences should show you a drop-down menu for the pages of this website. 

The images to the left represent the Math Facts Football Mobile game I created. Hopefully making it easier to motivate students to practice math on their own at home. Check out the Trailer and Website dedicated to the game. The game is free and may be downloaded using the App Store and Play Store icons below this paragraph. In addition, check out my most recent video integrating a product into a Math Facts Sports classroom lesson activity. 

Those that would like to consider an inexpensive "do it yourself" website like this one to share your talents and communicate your views and/or do business as I'm doing, should visit this Website Information Page. You can even use your website to make money by referring customers to various products and services using links as I do at various places in this website, ie; the "Website Information Page" link in the previous sentence.


Promoting my business interests is great, but far more important is promoting my beliefs, ie, the Salvation Debate and Health and Wellness links positioned upper left above. Checking my blog section for the first time will require a 30 second or so registration requiring an email address and you choose a password. I pray that you take the time to do that. I don't have any plans to use your contact information, this is just the route Wix, the provider of this website platform, decided to go.

                                                  Some Primary Blogs of Mine 

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