I am a Southern Maryland Man of Faith that is a; Health Advocate, Speed Coach, Creator of the educational concept Math Facts Sports Learning Products, and happily married father of a successful student/athlete. My passion is encouraging and helping young student/athletes to be successful. The information on this website is to help student/athletes of all ages and their families to successfully work as a team, with the result being success for the student/athlete. I make videos, write blogs and tweets for this purpose. If playing sports on the collegiate level is part of the plan, then ultimately; academic performance and academic scholarship money, with or without athletic scholarship money, can make all the difference in the world in regards to being accepted by a variety of colleges, and being able to afford college. You also may want to consider creating an inexpensive "do it yourself" website like this one to communicate with the world. You can even make money by referring others to goods and services through links like the one in the previous sentence.


As parents, we want our kids to be safe, happy, healthy, smart, and to be independent in an age appropriate manner. These basic considerations are very important if you are planning for your child to be a successful student/athlete as well. Ideally, this should be planned for even before birth! Check out my Raising a Successful Student Athlete, Learning Toys and Games, and Academic Journey pages for ideas and details. 


My Knee Care page addresses a critical topic that affect females more than males, but all athletes in sports that involve cutting, pivoting, and jumping should check it out and consider implementing the information from a young age.


For Believers, my Salvation Debate page has some eye opening info, including tests for if you are actually Saved!! 


My first piece of advice is to remind Believers that in Christ all things are possible, and as with all things, God's way is the best way. Matthew 6:33 says: But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you


Having the desire for your kid to be successful and the willingness to put forth a lot of effort, time, finances, etc..., can be a great thing, however; if walking upright before God is not your family's priority, the trip may not be a blessed one. The good news though, is God is forgiving, and always willing to help re-direct a trip gone astray. My Spirit Led Parents of Student/Athletes Stay in Character blog does a good job of describing challenges in the youth sports realm that can test a Believer's faith. My advice to non-Christians, is to Consider a Life in Christ.  


In regards to youth sports, at the end of the day, we are talking about extra-curricular activities, not life and death. For a sobering reality check, consider the ordeal a great Christian family that I met through sports are going through, as they are thankful that God spared their son's life.  Their lives are still not back to normal and they can use all our prayers. We can all learn from witnessing their faith and strength.


It is critical to keep the big picture in mind. My Academics and the Young Student/Athlete blog includes valuable information to help plan for the big picture for those who intend for their kids to play in college.


You can also follow me on Twitter @TheYouthTrainer for nuggets of wisdom to help young athletes gain success on and off the field, follow me @MathFactsSports for tips for how to use my educational sports board game, and follow me @ChristianTrainr for my views from the prospective of a health advocate that is a follower of Jesus Christ.


Thanks and may God bless you.


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