I am a Southern Maryland Man of Faith that is a; Health Advocate, Speed Coach, Creator of the free Math Facts Sports Digital Learning Products, and happily married father of a successful student/athlete. My passion is encouraging and helping young student/athletes to be successful. 

Getting a fully paid athletic college scholarship is a great goal, but a bottom line is getting the cost paid for. Parents who have already gone through the process of planning to pay for college know the potential value of academics as it relates to earning money for college, as often times academic scholarship money can be combined with partial athletic scholarships and other monies to make college affordable! My Academics and the Young Student/Athlete blog details this. For those who have already gone the student loan route, to consider getting that loan refinanced to get a better rate visit this Student Loan Refinancing page.


Lastly, those that would like to consider an inexpensive "do it yourself" website like this one to communicate with the world, should visit this Website Information Page. You can even use your website to make money by referring customers to various products and services using links as I did with the "Student Loan Refinancing" and "Website Information Page" links above.
















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